Naturally Harristone


The art and craft of recreating nature's finest stones.



The Harristone process begins with an eye toward Mother Nature. We start by seeking out the country’s best formations, from the mountains of Montana, to Ohio’s riverbeds, to the majestic canyons in our own Utah backyard. These are the models which serve as inspiration for the world’s finest precast stones and accessories, the Harristone collection.



Instantly create the warmth and feel of a mountain lodge or rustic cabin.



Add The Natural Look Of This Rustic Classic

Inspired by stones from Montana rockslides. this roughly textured stone is ideal for creating beautiful stacked stone patterns. Pair it with rough-cut timber for a truly rustic look and feel.



Modern Stone That Boasts Clean Lines.

Harristone® continues to push the envelope and reimagine how we live. Creating a perfect stone with tight angles, and innovative design. Divino Ledge® takes modern luxury stone to a higher level. Three dynamic colors, that add sophisticated drama without being overdone.

Contemporary and modern architecture features are melded together to create this clean, linear stone. Precisely cut and designed to be dry stacked. Two different heights of 3” and 6” and various lengths ranging from 4” to 16”.

This tactile and stylish stone was inspired by architects and designers alike. From luxurious beachfront homes to mountain escapes, Divino Ledge® is sure to make your dreams come true. Builders and stone masons will rejoice at how easy it is to install. Appealing for both commercial and residential exteriors and interiors.



Exceptionally the Best

Standout with our brand-new Dry Stone®.

Stone is the oldest construction material known to mankind. The most ancient remaining Dry Stone® structures are scattered throughout the world, with Egyptian pyramids and Peruvian temples as world-class examples. Dry Stone® has been a successful building technique throughout the ages because of its unique range of benefits.

Harristone has reinvented this Dry Stone® technique. Our new Dry Stone® texture is slightly larger than our number one selling stone, Uintah Ledgestone. Harristone’s Dry Stone® is made with clean straight linear lines. Depending on which look you desire, this highly versatile texture can easily be dry stacked or grouted. Dry Stone® is very mason friendly. Suitable for: professionals, weekend remodels, and do-it yourselfers.

Start your next project with one of our three distinct colors, and the clean, beautiful look of our new Dry Stone®.



Rustic Elegance