Naturally Harristone


The art and craft of recreating nature's finest stones.




The Harristone process begins with an eye toward Mother Nature. We start by seeking out the country’s best formations, from the mountains of Montana, to Ohio’s riverbeds, to the majestic canyons in our own Utah backyard. These are the models which serve as inspiration for the world’s finest precast stones and accessories, the Harristone collection.




Instantly create the warmth and feel of a mountain lodge or rustic cabin.



Add The Natural Look Of This Rustic Classic

Inspired by stones from Montana rockslides. this roughly textured stone is ideal for creating beautiful stacked stone patterns. Pair it with rough-cut timber for a truly rustic look and feel.




Modern Stone That Boasts Clean Lines.

Harristone® continues to push the envelope and reimagine how we live. Creating a perfect stone with tight angles, and innovative design. Divino Ledge® takes modern luxury stone to a higher level. Three dynamic colors, that add sophisticated drama without being overdone.

Contemporary and modern architecture features are melded together to create this clean, linear stone. Precisely cut and designed to be dry stacked. Two different heights of 3” and 6” and various lengths ranging from 4” to 16”.

This tactile and stylish stone was inspired by architects and designers alike. From luxurious beachfront homes to mountain escapes, Divino Ledge® is sure to make your dreams come true. Builders and stone masons will rejoice at how easy it is to install. Appealing for both commercial and residential exteriors and interiors.




Exceptionally the Best

Standout with our brand-new Dry Stone®.

Stone is the oldest construction material known to mankind. The most ancient remaining Dry Stone® structures are scattered throughout the world, with Egyptian pyramids and Peruvian temples as world-class examples. Dry Stone® has been a successful building technique throughout the ages because of its unique range of benefits.

Harristone has reinvented this Dry Stone® technique. Our new Dry Stone® texture is slightly larger than our number one selling stone, Uintah Ledgestone. Harristone’s Dry Stone® is made with clean straight linear lines. Depending on which look you desire, this highly versatile texture can easily be dry stacked or grouted. Dry Stone® is very mason friendly. Suitable for: professionals, weekend remodels, and do-it yourselfers.

Start your next project with one of our three distinct colors, and the clean, beautiful look of our new Dry Stone®.



Rustic Elegance

Dress up any wall or fixture with this earthly and stylish stone.


Discovered right here in our own Weber County, Utah, this beautiful, Frontier-era split stone brings a sturdy, solid feel to all of your interior and exterior spaces, freestanding walls and fireplaces.



A Symbol Of Strength

Nothing says solid like the roughly-textured beauty of Harristone Granite.

Harristone has been in the faux stone veneer business for over 50 years, and few stones are more sought after than granite. Add the look of solid, beautiful granite to your home without breaking the bank with our beautiful granite veneers. Not only are our products cheaper than traditional stone, they’re much more lightweight and easy to install.

Our rugged Granite comes in a variety of shapes and thicknesses to create dynamic, visually stunning displays. Ideal for large areas, entryways and architectural highlights, Harristone Granite makes a stunning addition to any room.



The Height Of Quality


Discover a whole new angle with Ledgestone.

Harristone Ledgestone veneers have been a staple of our business for over 50 years. The classic look of Ledgestone makes a great addition to almost any building. Our faux stone panels allow you to add the look of authentic Ledgestone to your home without paying the steep price of natural stone. Plus, our lightweight stones are easy to install, and will allow you to remodel your home without commissioning a mason.

Ideal for wainscoting, walls and architectural features, our bold ledge pattern offers a less jagged, more rectangular cut than traditional Drystack Ledgestone. Choose from five brilliant colors to design your own creations with depth, quality and style.

Geometric patterns make for a variety of uniquely stunning designs.



Beauty & Ease


Repeating shapes and vibrant colors make Limestone a favored choice.

With all the style and uniformity of traditional brick, these beautiful Limestones are ideal for creating clean, expressive walls and wainscoting. Add a half-inch joint between stones for a classic look and Harristone’s easiest to install stone yet.

Let the clean lines of our classic Limestone set your next project apart.




Style Soars To Lofty New Heights With This Cutting Edge Stone

Create custom blends using our Uintah Ledgestone and Chief Joseph® patterns.

This extraordinary stone was conceived through beautiful limestone we discovered in Lueders, Texas. Sought after by many, our team of artists and mason’s created six stunning color selections that architects, designers, builders and masons can choose for their commercial, residential or remodeling projects.


Gorgeous And Easy-To-Install



Gorgeous And Easy-To-Install

The best qualities of Stone Veneer.

Our Mason’s Choice® stone panel system displays elegant symmetry with the appearance of hand-laid, professionally installed stone. The look of these stunning sliced stones adds an amazing, timeless look that is perfect for any exterior or interior.

Mason’s Choice® Easy-to-install panel sizes are 6″ x 18″ & 6″ x 20″. If you have additional questions you can contact us or find a dealer near you.



Natural Sophistication

This English classic offers a time-weathered appeal.

Our Ridgestone combines horizontal balance with unique textures and rippled edges to create an elegant take on the traditional stone wall, column, fireplace or chimney. If you have a can contact us or find a dealer near you today.



From The Water's Edge



Rounded shapes and smooth textures provide a naturally soothing ambiance.

With a smooth, calming feel, like the waters that shape them, Harristone’s Rolled River Rocks veneer blends perfectly with natural wood to create rustic cabins, regal mountain lodges and majestic fireplaces. From river beds to mountain tops, these sturdy rocks flow perfectly together. Our Rolled River Rock is carefully selected to capture the characteristic look of real river rock stones.



Simply Beautiful

The Smart Thin Brick Choice

Brick is an amazing and durable material, but it’s not quite as common as it used to be. This reduction in popularity has been caused in large part because standard bricks are bulky, difficult to work with, and expensive. If you want to have the amazing look of bricks without emptying your wallet, however, we have the perfect solution: Harristone Thin Brick.

Our Thin Brick, looks as authentic as traditional brick but costs a fraction of the price to purchase and install. This quality Harristone can be applied to any internal or external wall of your building to make your property appear strong and stylish. Even a close inspection of our stone will reveal nothing but the typical look and feel of brick.

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