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harristone accessories



Finish your showpiece with superior quality

Harristone Accessories.

Harristone accessories deliver the utmost quality, down to the finest architectural details.

Harristone veneer

When you redesign your home or want to recreate a specific room, you need the right components to make your vision a reality. For example, you could use stone veneer accessories to complement newly added stone veneers inside or outside of your home.

Our comprehensive line of attractive architectural accessories are designed to complement your Harristone veneer, creating a beautiful, seamless look and feel. Accentuate the positives of your design with these easy to install, modular pieces in nearly every shape, size and color. From a warm hearthstone below the fireplace to distinctive Keystones, Trimmers and Sills, Harristone accessories offer an endless array of possibilities to finish your perfect showpiece project.

At Harristone, we pride ourselves on providing property owners across the nation with durable and quality products—and our stone veneer accessories are no exception. Whether you know which accessories you need or you want our experts’ advice, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll help you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction.

Any Accessory for Any Application

Your design needs are unique, and we believe that you deserve unique products to help you achieve your desired look. If you need doorbell surrounds to encase your doorbell and make it look luxurious or sills to accentuate your windows, you’ll find exactly what you need for your project in our selection.

Browse our stone veneer accessories below to find the pieces you need to finish your home’s look. To better serve you, we’ve created our products in an array of colors including taupe, tan, grey, cream, chocolate, onyx, white sand and charcoal. Each product’s description tells you which colors it comes in so you know if the accessory will match your design scheme.


A doorbell surround adds a whole new level of polished detail.


Fitting most standard doorbells and wiring, a Harristone Doorbell Surround brings a seamless finish to one of your home's most welcoming features.

2.5" x 4.25" x 2"


Plug into the ease and versatility of Harristone

Cream Electrical Outlet 01.jpg

Precut to frame most standard exterior & interior power outlets, Harristone Electrical Surrounds add a clean, polished finish to all your home's utility points.

7.5" x 5.5" x 2"


The heart of your home deserves Harristone.

Arcadian Ridgestone Hearthstone02.jpg

Nothing says home like a family gathered around the evening fire. Harristone Hearthstones turn any fireplace into a room's warm, dynamic focal point. Add a set of these rich, textured Hearthstones to your fireplace and watch the heart of your home come to life. Available in either 19" x 20" x 2"  or  24" x 24" x 2.5"


Easy to install designs help you go with the flow.

Taupe Hose Bib.jpg

Elegant two-piece Hose Bib stones are the ingenious way to surround your hose bibs with a clean edge and a beautiful matching Harristone finish.

3.25" x 3.25" x 1.5", center diameter is 1.25"


Add style and flair.