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Easy to install harristone


Easy to install and easy to maintain. Harristone is the smart, efficient choice.

Stone Venee Istallatio Over Masonry
Stone Veneer Instal Over Wood Substrate

Harristone Stone Veneer Installation Instructions

  1. On a clean surface, the veneer may be applied directly to a masonry backing without mesh. Painted or waterproofed masonry surfaces should be cleaned and sandblasted to provide a good bond surface.

  2. Apply Type-S (or equivalent) cement mortar at least ½” thick.

  3. Install Harristone Veneer.

  4. Brush, tool and rake the Type-S (or equivalent) mortar joint.

Harristone is a tested and proven product. See G.S. Harris Co., Inc. installation specification and ICC Evaluation Service, Inc. Evaluation Report # ESR-1593 reissued October 2023, for allowable values and/or conditions of use for all materials presented in this document.

  • Harristone Precast Stone Veneer is used as an adhered wall veneer.

  • Download our Harristone Install Guide HERE.

  • Download our ICC-ES #1593 Report HERE.

NOTE: All installations must comply with local building codes and manufacturer’s specifications.

  1. Install structurally sound wood substrate.

  2. Apply two layers of Grade-D building paper.

  3. Attach 3.4 metal lath or #17 gauge, 1-½” woven wire stucco mesh.

  4. Apply a scratch coat of Type-S mortar (or equivalent) approximately ½” thick over the metal lath or stucco wire.

  5. Apply a ¾” thick Type-S (or equivalent) mortar setting bed to the back of each Harristone and press the stone into place over a moistened scratch coat.

  6. Brush, tool and rake the Type-S (or equivalent) mortar joint.

Have a question about installation? Please feel free to call us: 888-878-6631. One of our staff will gladly help you.

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