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Technical Information and Product Credentials


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Harristone is continually tested by certified laboratories to ensure the integrity and quality of the finished product. The following tests have been conducted per the referenced test criteria or specifications. Harristone meets or exceeds ICC Evaluation Services. Inc. acceptance criteria for precast stone veneer. Harristone precast stone veneer complies with the 1997 Uniform Building Code™ (UBC). the 2012, 2009 and 2006 International Building Code® (IBC). the 2012, 2009 and 2006 International Residential Code® (IRC) and the 2013 Abu Dhabi International Building Code™ (ADIBC). 2022 California Green Building Standards Code (CALGreen) Title 24, Part 11. 2020, 2015, 2012 and 2008 ICC 700 National Green Building Standard™ (ICC 700-2012 and ICC 700-2008).

Harristone Precast Stone Veneer is used as an adhered wall veneer.

  • Density: (ASTM C567) 8-12 lbs. per sq. ft., based on 1 5/8″ – 2 5/8″ thickness

  • Compressive Tests: (ASTM C192. ASTM C39)

  • Tensile: (ASTM C190)

  • Fexural Strength: (ASTM C348)

  • Shear Bond Test: (ASTM C482)

  • Moisture Absorption: (UBC Std. 15-5)

  • Freeze-Thaw: (ASTM C67)

  • Harristone meets ASTM e-136/UBC std. 2-1 non-combustible test.

  • See ICC-ES Evaluation Report #ESR-1593. Reissued October 2023. For allowable values and/or conditions of use concerning material presented in this document.

  • Download our ICC-ES #1593 Report HERE.



100 square foot flats (120 sq ft flats for Uintah Ledgestone. Chief Joseph®. Ledgestone. Ridgestone. Dry Stone®. Lueders®. Divino Ledge®). 100 lineal feet of corners per box pallet. Thin Brick and Accessories are packaged in carry pack boxes.


Shipping weight is approximately 8 to 12 pounds per square foot.


Wash when needed. Do not use acids, high-pressure water or hard abrasives.























50-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

New Harristone veneer will be provided, free of charge, for replacement of Harristone veneer that is determined to be defective. This warranty covers Harristone veneer only and does not include labor or replacement costs. Harristone is not warranted against damage or staining caused by chemicals, airborne or waterborne contaminants, oxidation, settlement or movement of the substrate surface over which it is applied. This warranty is limited to original purchaser only.

NOTE: Colors may vary slightly from images on this website. We suggest looking at a physical sample prior to making your final selection.

Download our warranty HERE.

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