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Why Stone Veneers Are a Great Addition for Fireplaces

There are several qualities of natural stone veneers that make them attractive to property owners, and their versatility is at or near the top of any such list. Stone veneers can be utilized in numerous different parts of a home, with the fireplace and mantel areas serving as some of the most common formats seen today.

At Harristone, we're proud to offer a huge range of stone veneers and veneer accessories for both interior and exterior needs. We'll help you design and install any stone veneer for any specific section or part of your home including the fireplace. Why are stone veneers so often utilized in fireplace areas? Here are several of the reasons, plus some of the design templates you might consider in these sections.


As we noted above, stone veneers are extremely versatile in their applications and designs. They can be utilized in any home decorating, and because of this modularity they tend to fit nearly every space well.

Fireplaces, in particular, are often considered central parts of the home, particularly if they are used for heat. The traditional format is to build a large mantel around them and fit ceramic tile to the hearth area.

Stone veneers accentuate these features well, no matter which design theme you're looking to maintain. You might be focused on an earthy, rustic look with a hardwood floor and half logs in the walls; stone veneers are entirely compatible with this type of design.

Or you might prefer a more contemporary or modern style where stone veneers can fit right in as well, perhaps using them for sleek shelving areas in the wall to highlight a sleek, modern fireplace. This is no problem either. This versatility is a huge part of the draw for stone veneers in fireplace areas.


You naturally also want a material that can resist the heat that will be coming from the fireplace without sustaining any damage or changing its properties at all, and stone veneers fit the bill. They are both non-combustible and non-flammable, so you can leave items resting on the mantel without worrying about fire damage.

The stone veneer itself will not burn, but rather will hold its shape and sleek appearance under all conditions. This makes it ideal for areas where there are flames nearby or any other similar condition that might cause other materials to quickly combust or deteriorate under the extreme conditions.

Simple to Install

Not only is the installation process for a stone veneer fireplace setup easy to accomplish, it's affordable too. The stone veneer itself is rather thin, which allows you to cut it to fit any area with ease.

You can use a wet saw for this purpose no matter what thickness your stone veneer happens to be. And because the weight of the stone veneer itself is so low, it's easy to move around during this process.

The stone veneer itself is also easily installed with a high-quality mastic adhesive that can be applied to any area where you want a veneer firebox to go. There will be no cracking or peeling of the stone after the installation, and it will look just as sleek and professional once completed as when you first took it out of the box.

Little to No Maintenance

And unlike many other materials you might use for fireplace mantels or similar sections, there is no need to dust or clean your stone veneer that often. You can use a standard feather duster for this task if you want; it will remove any dirt and debris with ease.

You won't have to worry about blocked air vents either, since the stone veneer itself has none. Finally, you also don't need to treat your stone veneer with any sort of chemical treatment or process. Because it is 100 percent natural, your fireplace will maintain its organic beauty for the long term without you having to do anything else.

Furthermore, there are virtually no regular maintenance needs for your stone veneer fireplace either. You don't need to touch it up or paint it or do anything of the kind, since the stone itself will maintain its properties for decades without any changes in quality.

Suitable for Both Interior and Exterior

While exterior fireplaces are far less common than interior ones, some do prefer to have one close to their home's exterior. They are far more common in warmer climates, particularly if you prefer to spend time outdoors around a fire pit area during the night or during other times of the year.

Stone veneers are suitable for both interior and exterior fireplace designs, no matter which style you're looking for or what kind of atmosphere you need to maintain. And since they are so incredibly affordable, you can use stone veneers all around your home with ease!



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