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How Harristone Can Transform Your Home This Summer

Updated: Jul 11

Summer is the perfect time to breathe new life into your home. One of the most transformative and aesthetically pleasing ways to achieve this is through the use of Harristone veneer. Whether you’re looking to enhance your exterior or add a touch of elegance to your interiors, stone veneer offers a versatile and durable solution that can dramatically elevate your living space. At Harristone, we offer a wide range of stone veneer products that will help you transform your home this summer.

Transform Your Home This Summer

What is Harristone?

Harristone is a thinner and lighter version of full bed stone or stone-like material that can be applied to surfaces such as walls, fireplaces, and even outdoor spaces. Unlike traditional stone, stone veneer is lighter and easier to install, making it an excellent option for homeowners looking to make a big impact without the hassle.

Why Choose Harristone?

Our Harristone Stone Veneer brings a natural, timeless beauty to any space. Its versatility allows it to complement various design styles, from rustic to modern. Additionally, it's a cost-effective alternative to natural stone, offering similar aesthetic benefits without breaking the bank.

Types of Stone Veneer

Stone veneer comes in two main types:

  • Natural Stone Veneer: Made from real stone, this option offers an authentic look and feel. Visit our Merrillstone website for more information on our beautiful Natural Stone Veneers.

  • Manufactured Stone Veneer: Typically made from a mixture of cement, aggregates, and iron oxides, this type mimics the appearance of natural stone at a fraction of the cost.

Enhance Your Home's Exterior

One of the most popular uses of Harristone is in enhancing the exterior of homes. The addition of stone veneer can boost curb appeal and increase property value.

Elevate Your Entrance

Imagine walking up to a grand entrance adorned with beautifully crafted stone veneer. The natural textures and colors can make your entryway inviting and sophisticated.

Transform Your Facade

Updating your home's facade with Harristone can give it a completely new look. Choose from a variety of styles and colors to create a unique appearance that stands out in your neighborhood.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Harristone isn't just for walls; it can also be used to create stunning outdoor features. Consider adding a stone veneer fireplace or an outdoor kitchen to make your backyard the ultimate summer hangout spot.

Interior Applications

Our Haristone isn't limited to exterior use; it can also add charm and character to your interiors.

Cozy Fireplaces

A fireplace with Harristone becomes the focal point of any room. The natural warmth and texture of stone create a cozy and inviting atmosphere perfect for family gatherings or quiet evenings.

Accent Walls

Transform a plain wall into a work of art with Harristone. An accent wall can add depth and interest to your living room, dining room, or bedroom.

Kitchen Backsplash

Step up your kitchen game with a Harristone backsplash, our Thin Brick is a great option when it comes to these types of installs. Durable and easy to clean, this addition can make your kitchen both functional and stylish.

Benefits of Stone Veneer

Choosing stone veneer for your home comes with numerous benefits, making it a wise investment for any homeowner. That’s why suggest Harristone, as your choice, when looking for a stone veneer, on your next project.


Harristone is highly durable and resistant to weathering, making it a long-lasting option for both interiors and exteriors. It can withstand the elements, ensuring that your home remains beautiful for years to come.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining Harristone is relatively easy. Regular cleaning with water and a mild detergent is usually sufficient to keep it looking its best.


Compared to natural stone, Harristone is a more affordable option. It offers the same visual appeal without the hefty price tag, allowing you to achieve a high-end look on a budget.

Trust Harristone For Your Stone Veneer Needs

Transforming your home with Harristone this summer is a fantastic way to add value, beauty, and character to your living space. Whether you're updating your exterior, enhancing your interiors, or creating stunning outdoor features, Harristone offers endless possibilities.

Ready to take your home to the next level? Contact Harristone in Ogden, Utah, and explore our wide range of stone veneer options. Our expert team is here to help you choose the perfect style and guide you through the installation process, and assist you with finding a local Harristone distributor near you. Elevate your home this summer with the timeless elegance of Harristone.



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