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From Traditional to Modern: Styling Options for Stone Veneer

Updated: Jul 11

In the realm of architectural design, the allure of stone has stood the test of time, embodying strength, durability, and an innate connection to the natural world. Yet, as we pivot from the traditional to the modern era, the adaptation and versatility of materials like stone veneer have enabled designers and homeowners alike to reimagine its application in both interior and exterior spaces. Harristone in Ogden, UT, seamlessly bridges this historical gap, showcasing the dynamic range and styling options that stone veneer offers. Here's how you can leverage stone veneer's timeless appeal to blend traditional charm with modern sophistication.

The Essence of Stone Veneer

Firstly, it's pivotal to understand what sets stone veneer apart. Unlike its natural counterpart, stone veneer offers a lightweight, more adaptable solution for adding that touch of timelessness to a structure without the logistical challenges of real stone. Its variety in texture, color, and form means it can effortlessly match or accentuate any design palette.

Traditional Stylings

Traditionally, stone has been a staple for exterior facades, fireplaces, and as a grounding element in gardens and landscaping. It exudes an aura of warmth, stability, and an unspoken dignity that roots a structure in its environment.

Exterior Facades                            

For those looking to encapsulate the essence of historical architecture, stone veneer can be applied to exterior walls to mimic the grandeur of old-world castles or the rustic charm of country cottages. Harristone's selection ensures that whether your home is a Victorian masterpiece or a Craftsman classic, there's a stone veneer option to complement its beauty.


A traditional fireplace, a centerpiece of many homes, speaks volumes when adorned with stone veneer. It can transform a simple living area into a cozy, inviting space. Installing stone veneers around the hearth reintroduces the ancestral comfort of gathering around the fire, making it a focal point of warmth and conversation.


Incorporating stone veneer into landscaping projects can fuse a property's architecture with its surrounding environment. Garden walls, water features, and pathways lined with stone veneer not only enhance the property's aesthetic appeal but also its connection to nature.

Modern Interpretations

The versatility of stone veneer allows it to transcend traditional boundaries and fit seamlessly into modern design aesthetics. The key lies in choosing cleaner lines, lighter colors, and integrating with contemporary materials like metal, glass, and wood.

Accent Walls

In modern interiors, stone veneer can create striking accent walls that add texture and depth without overwhelming the space. Whether it's a sleek, minimalist living room or an open-concept kitchen, a stone veneer accent wall can become the backdrop for modern living.


Modern bathrooms can benefit from stone veneer by introducing an element of serenity and spa-like luxury. Imagine a walk-in shower enveloped in stone, creating a tranquil escape that feels both primal and refined.

Exterior Cladding

For a modern home façade, stone veneer can be applied in geometric patterns, or as a blend with materials like wood siding or metal panels. This approach creates a captivating visual symmetry, marrying the robustness of stone with the sleekness of modern architectural elements.

Mixing Traditional and Modern

Perhaps the most exciting trend is the fusion of traditional and modern styles, where stone veneer acts as the harmonizing element. By pairing the rustic texture of stone with contemporary design lines, designers and homeowners can craft spaces that are both timeless and forward-thinking.

Personalizing Your Space with Harristone

Harristone in Ogden, UT, prides itself on offering a vast selection of stone veneer options that cater to this wide spectrum of design preferences. From selecting the perfect texture and color to customizing shapes and sizes, the options are limitless. Whether you’re renovating an old home to breathe new life into it or designing a new space from scratch, incorporating stone veneer offers a unique opportunity to personalize your project.

The transition from traditional to modern styling with stone veneer comes down to how it's interpreted within the design intention of the space. Harristone offers the expertise, variety, and quality to ensure that whatever your vision, stone veneer can help realize it, blending the best of both worlds into a design statement that is uniquely yours.



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