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Manufactured Stone in Cambrose, Alberta

Camrose, AB

Looking to add the timeless look of natural stone to your home but unsure about the costs? You should be. Faux stone veneers offer the look and durability of natural stone but without the enormous cost and installation difficulties. Harristone has been in the manufactured stone business for almost 50 years, in that time we’ve perfected a lightweight, affordable product that will assist in beautifying any home.

Our faux stone paneling is designed with a range of customers in mind, we’ve made installation so easy that it’s a viable option for professional construction and do-it-yourself projects. Don’t break the bank paying a mason to set up your home, save big by using Harristone as opposed to natural stone!

There are a number of certified Harristone vendors throughout the Alberta area. If you’re looking for a faux stone dealer near Camrose just use our dealer locator and get started! With years of experience in the area you can rest easy knowing that Harristone is built to withstand the extremes of Camrose weather.

Harristone products are versatile and work well both inside and outside of the home. If you’re not sure what you might be interested in you can browse our product library of veneers, mortars, accessories, and mailboxes here.

So whether you’re looking for manufactured stone veneers, mailboxes, or fireplaces in Alberta, Harristone is the one to call. Click here to locate a dealer near you.


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