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The Leading Manufactured Stone in Oregon

So many houses are ordinary-looking — why not make yours special with stone veneer siding from Harristone? Our manufactured stone siding elevates the look of both homes and businesses throughout Bend, Oregon, and beyond. Our many offerings include fieldstone, river rock, slate, granite and limestone veneers.

Get Fieldstone Products in Bend, OR


Harristone offers an array of precast stone veneer to provide Bend, OR, property owners with the best materials to outfit their buildings. And as a top precast stone manufacturer, we aim to provide all residents in Bend, OR, with the finest, most luxurious materials so they can build, remodel, or retrofit their properties.

Contact us if you’re in the market for natural stone products that can make your home or business look beautiful and sturdy.

Our Products

We understand that you want your home to look gorgeous and unique. We offer a wide range of natural stone products and precast stone veneer that you can choose for your property:

  • Cobblestone

  • Uintah Ledgestone

  • Mason’s Choice Stone

  • Lueders Stone

  • Rolled River Rock

  • Thin Brick

  • Sandstone

  • Granite

  • Fieldstone

  • Limestone

  • Chief Joseph Stone

  • Divino Ledge

  • Dry Stone

We also offer mortar in a range of light, regular, and dark colors to help you fully complete the look and installation of your chosen stone products. Our products are easy to install, and we provide clear installation instructions for you to follow.

To get started with buying your precast stone veneer or natural stone products, find a dealer closest to you or give us a call at  888.878.6631 to place an order or ask any questions you have.




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What Are Manufactured Stone Veneers?

Natural stone is beautiful, but it’s also heavy and can be difficult to work with. It’s expensive to mine and transport, and fees associated with craftsmen who work with stone are high. Harristone stone veneers are man-made stones that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

As Harristone, our team sources the best stones from quarries across the country. Then we bring them back to our shop to make molds of them. We use different combinations of aggregate, binder and color to make varying types of stones. The results are uncannily real-looking.

The difference is the manufactured stones are thinner and lighter weight than natural stone, so they’re easier to work with. And we have the technology to make as many stones as we want — we don’t have to dig them all out of the earth — so prices are lower than they are for natural stone.

Fabricated Stone Siding for Homes in Bend

Even though Bend is a sizeable city, many homes here conform to a rugged outdoor style. There’s no better way to kick that look up a notch than with manufactured stone siding from Harristone. You can cover the entire front of your home, the bottom half of all four sides or select certain sections. Whatever you choose, your Bend home’s façade will look more beautiful than you can imagine.

But stone veneers aren’t just for siding — they’re for interiors too. You can use stone veneers to cover a chimney or fireplace, or to create a kitchen backsplash or accent wall. Stone veneers bring texture and visual interest to your Bend home’s interiors.

Manufactured Stone Veneer Siding for Businesses

It’s not just homes that look better with stone siding — it’s businesses too. Many commercial buildings are built with a budget in mind and have cement or concrete block exteriors. Cover your exterior with stone veneers and give your building the upscale look you want so that you can attract the type of tenants and customers you’re looking for.

Make your building even more impressive by adding stone veneers to the interior as well. For office buildings, stone veneers are beautiful in lobbies, foyers, meeting rooms and more. If you own a chic boutique, exclusive restaurant or another high-end retail location, stone veneer can really make your space stand out.

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Harristone Stone Veneers in Bend

Harristone, a family-owned and operated business, has been satisfying customers throughout the Pacific Northwest for more than 50 years. Our expert dedication to our craft and our commitment to customer service make us legendary in the stone veneer market.

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, building contractor or developer, working with Harristone will make your project smoother and easier. Contact us today to learn more about stone veneers for Bend homes and businesses.

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