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The Leading Manufactured Stone in Washington

Precast Stone Products in WA

If you own a home or business in WA, you’re no stranger to the beautiful serenity of nature. With Harristone, you can bring that beauty to you with a precast stone design.

Whether you want to add a natural stone look to your walls, inside or outside, or you want to add a point of interest, like a fireplace, we have high-quality natural stone products that will give you the look you want.

Range of Options

At Harristone, we base all of our precast stone patterns off of real stones found in multiple geographical locations. You can create a unique look with stones found in a riverbed, desert, or the mountains. And our stones include patterns of all shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can create a look that stands out or blends in.

Range of Skill

We cater to all skill levels at Harristone, newcomers and professionals alike. This versatility is possible because we refine each pattern for every stone so that they will all fit together smoothly in an easy-to-install process.

If you want to transform your home or business in WA with a natural stone look, contact us today at 888.878.6631. Our professional, experienced staff work with both Harristone and Merrillstone brands. They can help you choose the natural stone products that will bring your dream project to life.


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