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The Leading Manufactured Stone in Vegreville, Alberta

Are you looking to give your home the look of natural stone, but have been deterred by the cost and effort of installing quarried rock? You’re not alone. At Harristone we’ve been manufacturing faux stone veneers for almost 50 years. Our manufactured stone product offers the authentic look of real stone, but at a fraction of the price.

But cost isn’t the only advantage of our faux stone products, you’ll also find them incredibly easy to install. Adding natural stone requires professional installation, hours of work, and costs you even more money. Harristone is lightweight and easy enough to install that it is suitable both for professionals working on large projects and everyday do-it-your-selfers.

With over 50 years of experience under our belt we’re also able to offer you a vast array of different stone patterns to choose from. We’ve scoured the United States for the most beautiful stones to make our molds. Whether you need a bright sandstone or a soft river rock, we guarantee you can find faux stone to fit your Vegreville home.

Finally our product is durable and guaranteed to last. Our faux stone panels are able to Vegreville’s freezing winters. Our rigorously tested products are suitable for use in any environment – just like natural stone.

Don’t waste time and money using quarried stone, Harristone will do the job just as well and a whole lot cheaper. Find a dealer near you, and get the finest faux stone near Vegreville, Alberta.


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