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The Leading Manufactured Stone in Washington

Natural Stone in Seattle, WA

If you’re a Seattle homeowner and you want to show off your sense of style, what should you do? Get manufactured stone siding, of course! Vinyl siding is ubiquitous in Seattle, so distinguishing your home with stone veneer siding will be easy, regardless of whether you pick river rock, fieldstone or limestone veneers. Harristone is your local source for stone veneers in the Pacific Northwest.


Harristone carries a variety of faux stone veneers, accessories, and manufactured stone products to give your home the beautiful look of natural stone. Why mess with the weight, cost, and labor of quarried stone? With Harristone you can afford manufactured stone that offer the same aesthetic as natural rock.

Harristone’s manufactured products are strong, durable, easily installed, and have the authentic look and feel of natural stone. Harristone is used widely in construction projects throughout Washington, as it’s durable enough for heavy duty construction products and has an ease-of-installation that allows do-it-yourself enthusiasts to beautify their home.

Our faux stone products are great whether you’re working inside or out. Our product has been intensely tested to guarantee that it stands up to rain, sleet, snow, and heat as well as natural stone. This versatility makes Harristone’s stone veneer a great fit for residential and commercial projects throughout the state of Washington. They are supplied in a variety of sizes and shapes, giving you numerous choices for all your home project needs.

Harristone has been in the manufactured stone business for over 49 years, so whether you’re looking for veneer or pre-cast stone we’re here to help.

Before you start your home remodeling process, contact Harristone for a distributor location in the Washington area. They will assist you in making your dream a reality.




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What Is Fabricated Stone Veneer?

Although many would agree natural stone is beautiful, no one can deny that it’s also expensive. The reason is that is has to be mined and transported, and once it arrives at its destination, installing it is exacting, skilled, difficult work.

At Harristone, we source some of the best-quality natural stones from quarries across the U.S. and bring them back to our shop to create molds. We use different ingredients to create different varieties of manufactured stone using aggregate and binding and coloring agents. The result is a strong but lightweight product that is practically indistinguishable from natural stone.

Because manufactured stones are thin and relatively lightweight, we can affix them to panels that install quickly and easily. But we also sell loose stones for those who prefer to create their own patterns.

Stone Siding for Seattle Homes

You can make your Seattle home a standout with Harristone stone siding. We offer dozens of styles of stones in different shapes, colors and textures. You can cover the entire front of your home, you can wrap stone siding around the bottom portion, or choose just one section to decorate with stone veneer siding. You can’t go wrong — whatever you choose will look beautiful.

But stone veneer isn’t just for your Seattle home’s exterior. You can use it inside, too. Cover your fireplace or your exposed chimney with stone veneer, or use it to make a backsplash in the kitchen. Creating an accent wall with stone veneers is a captivating decorating choice. Stone veneer accent walls are perfect for basements, bedrooms and living rooms.

Stone Veneers for Seattle Businesses

As attractive as stone siding is on a home, it’s just as beautiful on a business! So many commercial buildings are finished as cheaply as possible, with cement block exteriors. Practical? Yes. Attractive? No.

Cover your commercial building’s façade with stone siding from Harristone. Whether you own an upscale office building, an exclusive restaurant or a posh boutique, stone veneers will help attract the kind of tenants and clientele you want.

Use stone veneers inside your commercial building on the walls in a lobby, foyer, meeting room, dining room, in the bar area or behind cash registers. Your customers will remember visiting your establishment.

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Stone Veneers for Seattle Businesses

A family-owned and operated business, Harristone has been satisfying customers throughout the Pacific Northwest for more than 50 years. We’re known far and wide for our expertise, experience and attentive customer service.

To learn more about types, availability and style of Harristone stone veneers for your Seattle home or business, contact us today.

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