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The Leading Manufactured Stone in Alberta

Accent Your Home With Stone Veneer in Red Deer, AB

In Alberta, it’s impossible to ignore nature’s beauty. With Mount Columbia, the Caribou Mountains, the Cypress Hills, the Athabasca Fallls, and a collection of rivers including the Red Deer River, who isn’t inspired by the atmosphere? Harristone understands how impactful nature is. Our founder, Grant Harris, was motivated by the splendor of geography and the authentic feel of stone homes.

However, real stone is costly, heavy, and difficult to install. Thanks to Harristone’s precast manufactured stone, faux stone veneers, and fireplaces, you don’t have to break your back or your bank. Your Red Deer, AB home or business can mirror the gorgeous landscape you live in.

The Harristone team curates a collection of real rocks and stones from canyons, rivers, and mountains. Then, casts and molds of these genuine pieces are created and used for accent walls, fireplaces, and more. With the careful Harristone process, you know that you’re getting the authentic warmth of natural stone—without any of the hassle.

Additionally, all of our products, from faux stone veneers to precast stone fireplaces, are easy to install and resilient. It’s simple for Red Deer, AB homeowners, professionals, and do-it-yourselfers to put any Harristone product in place. Whether you’re looking for a faux stone veneer for your commercial building or a precast stone fireplace for your home, you’re sure to discover the stone look you’re been dreaming of with Harristone’s extensive selection of styles, shapes, and sizes.

The rugged and diverse geographic features of Red Deer and Alberta inspire us—and we’re sure they inspire you, too. Then why don’t you incorporate nature’s radiance in your home or business?

It’s time to learn more about how Harristone can help you achieve a new look. Contact us today for a distributor location near Red Deer, AB.


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