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Why ROI on Stone Veneers is So High

Updated: Jul 11

When remodeling or making additions to a given home, one of the most important factors for homeowners is return on investment, or ROI. This refers to the amount of value you get out of a given project compared to the cost you pay for it -- naturally, homeowners are looking for projects that bring the most possible value compared to cost, and this is one area where stone veneers stand out among many such projects.

At Harristone, we're proud to offer a variety of natural stone veneers, siding materials, and many other products to not only improve your property's aesthetics but also to bring fantastic ROI in many cases. Why are natural stone veneers some of the very best home addition or remodeling products to consider with ROI and property value in mind?

Cost Vs. Value Report

A major resource that's commonly utilized within the home remodeling and additions world is the "Cost Vs. Value Report" put out each year by As we discussed above, these two metrics are how ROI is generally calculated -- the higher the percentage of "cost recouped" through value the item provides to the property, the better its ROI tends to be.

And for several straight years, including the 2021 list you can view here, stone veneers have ranked at or near the top of this list. For 2021, the report states that manufactured stone veneers average over 92% of their cost recouped -- this was second overall on a long list of possible upgrades (also note that siding replacement is in the top-five here as well).

As anyone who has been in the remodeling world for a while knows, any recouped value number over 90% is absolutely fantastic, and the value offered by stone veneers is just one part of what's so powerful about this material.

Now that you know how much value stone veneers provide, our next several sections will dig into why they provide such excellent ROI.

Instant Curb Appeal

Perhaps the largest single factor here is curb appeal, which is a major consideration for any homeowner. Whether you're a buyer who wants to sell your property or a homeowner in the market to improve it, curb appeal is vital -- and stone veneers provide an incredible source of this.

While many different types of materials can bring similar results, few can offer such rapid impact as stone veneer. In most cases, it can take a day or less for a stone veneer installation company to install natural stone onto a given home.

The end result is that you get a material that adds value and appeal within hours of its installation -- making it one of the quickest ways to improve your property's look and achieve ROI with ease. Homes with stone veneers look more luxurious and create much greater visual interest, which is never a bad thing for ROI.

Easy Installation

Installation costs are also a huge factor in determining ROI, and this is another realm where stone veneers come out ahead. This material requires far less labor than the vast majority of other types of home improvement products, making it easier to install and minimize costs overall.

As anyone who has installed a stone veneer before can tell you, this material is very easy to work with -- which makes installation quick and easy. And these points are very important when it comes to ROI, as the less labor is required for a given project, the better its ROI tends to be. We strongly recommend professional installation for any stone veneer, but even if you're the DIY type who wants to attempt this job on your own, the steps and skills required tend to be pretty limited and simple.

Versatile Design Options

Another factor that helps drive up ROI for natural stone veneers: The incredible variety of designs and layouts available for this material. Compared to alternatives like tile and siding, which both have very small design pools and can often be applied in a very limited number of ways, natural stone veneers provide you with much greater options.

This means that even if your particular home is one that doesn't match the "baseline" designs utilized by many of these companies (which usually looks like the stone veneers shown above), you'll still be able to find a product that works well with your property. This element is huge for ROI, as it means fewer remodeling or addition projects are ruled out by homeowners looking to maximize their project's value.

It's also easy to achieve multiple different design concepts with a stone veneer. Do you want your exterior stone areas to match up with the colors and design of your stone interior areas? It's easy to match up the two, and even incorporate matching flooring or other materials in addition to natural stone. On the flip side, you can contrast this color theme against a different one that's already present, drawing the eyes to accents and visual changes.

Simple Maintenance

Finally, another factor in long-term ROI for any home upgrade is the maintenance it will require. Stone veneers are extraordinarily durable, plus require almost no upkeep to keep them looking great for years and decades -- making them a very smart investment. Only periodic cleaning is necessary, and this can be done with nothing but water, soap, and a sponge.

For more on why the ROI for natural stone veneers is so high, or to learn about any of our stone veneers, faux stone siding, or other quality materials, speak to the staff at Harristone today.



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