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Use Stone Veneer to Make Your Rental Property More Attractive

Half the battle of property ownership is getting reliable renters. Renters will find it easier to have pride in their home if it's attractive in its own right. Stone veneer can help you to that end. Find out ways stone veneer puts your property in the best light to attract reliable renters.

Infuse the Property With Class

The use of stone in building has long been associated with nobility. Dating back to medieval Europe, aristocrat's homes featured stone. That practice continued in the United States as larger estates used stone in construction. Eventually, some of the traditional styles of houses, such as Tudor, prominently displayed their use of decorative stone.

The reason stone has been associated with nobility is because it was once a highly expensive material, so they were the only ones who could afford it. However, stone veneer is now an accessible option.

You can add stone veneer siding to your rental property to imbue it with a sense of class. This application is ideal if you have one of the traditional styles of homes, but it can also help your property borrow that aura. You could also use stone veneer for gate posts to create a grand entrance for your property.

Afford the Property Curb Appeal

Curb appeal helps drive up your property value. Curb appeal is also what's going to catch the eye of potential renters. If they walk by and see an attractive property, people may already feel like they want to live there.

Naturally, the first step is to tidy up the property. Next, have the contractors install the stone veneer wherever it seems like a good fit. Some common areas for the use of stone veneer are for siding, mailbox surrounds, gate posts, the chimney, and porch columns.

Your stone veneer and paint should coordinate. When you choose a stone veneer, look for colors that are easy to match. You'll also need to paint the façade of your rental property. Choose a neutral color that either matches or complements the stone veneer. The trim color should be lighter for the most pleasing effect.

Provide an Enjoyable Outdoor Experience

Some property owners keep the backyard bare to let their renters decide how to use it. However, renters are unlikely to make any big changes to the property — and you probably don't want them to do anything drastic anyway. So, make the backyard a getaway where prospective renters can see themselves having fun.

Stone veneer would be good for a fire pit or hot tub surround. Indeed, it will lend a touch of elegance to these amenities, too. Make sure it matches any other stone you're adding to the backyard.

Remember, you're making an investment in your future with these amenities. Listing hot tubs or fire pits gets potential renters to visit your property where they can then become enamored of the stylish stone surround installations. As a boon, stone veneer is impact resistant, so it'll protect those amenities.

Add an Unexpected Touch

The use of stone veneer inside the house isn't quite as prevalent as outside. For that reason, it will convey an unexpected touch that can appeal to prospective tenants.

One area that falls into that category is a stone accent wall. You can incorporate such a wall as an extension of a fireplace surround. You can also highlight interesting areas of architecture, such as a slanted wall under a set of stairs or the wall along the stairs themselves.

The bathroom is also a prime spot for stone veneer. You can install an accent wall here, too. Conversely, use the stone as the shower surround. Such applications will stick with prospective tenants and make them remember your property over more standard options they've viewed.

Make your rental property stand out with a healthy application of stone veneer. To view your stone options, visit Harristone.



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