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Stone Veneer and Your Kitchen Renovation Project

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

How can a stone veneer add to your kitchen renovation? If you're about to give the heart of your home a serious facelift, take a look at what you need to know about this aesthetic accent option.

What Is Stone Veneer?

Simply stated, a stone veneer is a manufactured product that mimics the real thing. Faux stone veneer is light, easy to cut, easy to apply (for a trained installer), and comes in a variety of types, textures, shapes, and colors. The installer will apply the veneer over the existing wall area. Even though the product looks like real stone, it isn't a structural element and can't bear the weight of your home.

Why Choose Stone Veneer for a Kitchen Project?

Stone veneer has plenty of advantages for a kitchen renovation project. Some of the most common reasons why homeowners and home renovators choose this type of product include:

  • Easy change. You want to completely change the look of your kitchen. But you don't want to knock down walls or completely rebuild the space. A manufactured product provides you with a completely new look — without a total teardown.

  • Classic style. The beauty of stone veneer is in its timeless, classic style. Achieve the kitchen aesthetics of your dreams with this manufactured product option.

  • Heat resistance. Stone veneer is often used in fireplaces, fire pits, and other fire features. This means it's heat resistant — and perfect for a place where you'll cook, such as the kitchen.

  • Versatile option. Stone veneer and manufactured stone products have multiple uses. You can install the veneer on your kitchen wall for a rustic look, use it around an arched doorway for an architectural aesthetic, add it to an island or bar area, or use it around the oven.

Even though stone veneer can create a classic style, it doesn't only complete one type of design or look. Read on for more information on décor ideas and stone veneer use.

What Type of Décor Can You Create with Stone?

Again, you can use stone veneer almost anywhere in the kitchen area. Whether you add it to a wall, install it around an appliance, or use it on a doorway, manufactured stone can create a variety of styles such as:

  • Rustic. Turn your kitchen into a cozy cabin-like space with a rustic or outdoorsy feel. Add stone veneer to the wall or create a fire feature indoors with it for a rustic chic design.

  • Traditional. Do you want to create an old-world style in your kitchen? Stone veneer is reminiscent of the real deal in kitchens of past centuries. Think of your traditional stone kitchen as a mini contemporary castle.

  • Architectural. Create a Frank Lloyd Wright–like look with stone veneer. Highlight architectural features, such as windows and door frames, with stone to add to the overall look.

  • Modern. Even though stone may have a more traditional or classic appeal, you can also easily use it in a modern kitchen. Choose a sleek stone style to compliment a contemporary or industrial type of feel.

  • Natural. As a manufactured natural material, stone veneer provides a green or outdoorsy look to your kitchen space.

  • Eclectic. Design a Bohemian style, and compliment it with a stone accent wall or mix in a stone veneer backsplash.

When you choose a stone veneer product, don't only consider the style of the stone. While the stone itself will add to the room's aesthetic, consider how it works with the appliances, counters, cabinets, paint, and flooring.

Do you want to change the aesthetic of your kitchen with a stone veneer wall or accent? Contact Harristone for more information.

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