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How to Style the Exterior Stone of Your Home

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Stone walls project an air of durability and nostalgia, creating texture and character you can't get with many of the other options for your home's exterior. Even if your budget is too tight for you to rebuild your outside walls from the ground up, you can use a stone veneer to produce the same effects.

Keep reading to learn how you can use stone on your exterior walls to maximize the character of your home.

Plain Stone Walls

As long as people have cut stone from the ground, they've used it to build houses, and the sturdy material isn't going anywhere. When a home uses only stone veneer for the outside, with exceptions allowed for the window and door trim, it creates a unified and charming look with a lot of curb appeal.

For a house that uses exclusively stone for the exterior, one of the keys is to restrict the colors, cuts, and styles you choose. With synthetic stones available, nearly any color or style is possible. But if you use too many of your options at once, you'll create an off-balance patchwork effect. That might look good for a quilt to drape over a couch inside, but your exterior should be more cohesive.

Brick and Stone

Bricks and stones have a long-standing legacy, projecting wealth and strength when used together. Many different home styles look amazing with the blended look they provide, especially if you take into account the variety available in both. Stone can create a pop of contrast to your classic brick walls or blend in with the same tones to create more texture than an ordinary brick wall would possess.

Again, the crucial aspect to remember is cohesiveness. Your house shouldn't look like the builders ran out of one material and had to switch halfway through the project. Instead, the two materials should blend in a way that adds character without confusion.

You can use different colors for the trim, brick, and stone — provided that the shades you choose complement each other and don't crowd for attention.

Stone and Siding

You may prefer to leave the siding you already have and limit your stone veneers to a standout wall. Stone and siding can work together very well if you keep in mind the same principles of home decoration. Choose your spots to accent, whether it is the foundation, the entryway, the gables, or a chimney wall. And limit your stone to that area to make it stand out from the rest of the house.

Next, choose colors that go well with the tones your siding and roof already represent. Vinyl siding comes in a variety of different colors, from neutrals to bold shades, which gives you a host of options to work with as you choose a stone veneer. If you put the materials together well, you can create a visual effect that goes beyond what either material would produce on its own.

No matter what materials you choose to pair with your stone, unless you have experience in home design, you'll want to get a professional opinion. A designer can help you take the materials you want to use, skillfully combining them to create a stunning effect.

For a tried and tested producer of stone veneers, look no further than Harristone. Our company has years of experience producing precast stones that are easy to install and maintain for both interior and exterior wall applications. Get in touch today to peruse a wide array of classic and designer stones in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles. And let our team help you achieve your creative dreams for your home.

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