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How Natural Stone Veneers Improve Park City Curb Appeal

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Within the world of real estate and long-term property value, a common buzz-term it's important to know is "curb appeal." Referring to the way certain visible elements of your property impact first impressions of the area and often even play a role in overall valuation, curb appeal is typically a considerable factor evaluated by realtors, homebuyers and others in this space.

At Harristone, we're proud to offer a variety of natural stone veneers to clients throughout Park City and several other areas, bringing them numerous benefits -- including curb appeal improvements in many cases. What exactly is curb appeal, and what are some of the top uses of a natural stone veneer to help upgrade your curb appeal? Here's a primer.

Curb Appeal Basics

As we touched on above, curb appeal refers to the way certain visible elements of your property impact the first impressions of the area and often even directly influence overall valuation. For homeowners in particular, it's important to note that higher-than-average curb appeal levels can be a strong selling point when marketing one's residence for sale; among other things, this is why real estate pros frequently recommend investing in landscaping and other exterior design upgrades.

In fact, research has shown that curb appeal is incredibly important for overall property value. Homes with great curb appeal can see a property value increase of 10-15% in some cases, while those with poor curb appeal can suffer a decrease of the same magnitude.

Beyond just home sales, though, it's important to note that improving your property's curb appeal is a great way to add value for any purpose. Whether you're renting out a property or simply looking to get more enjoyment out of your home, making some simple and affordable changes to boost your curb appeal is a great way to go.

And as we noted earlier, a natural stone veneer is one great way to go about this. Our next several sections will go over some specific stone veneer designs that tend to show the best impact on your property's curb appeal.

Mixing and Matching With Existing Siding

Perhaps the single most common use of natural stone veneers, at least when it comes to curb appeal and related aesthetic property themes, is to mix and match with existing siding. This can be done in a variety of ways, but one particularly popular option is to use a stone veneer as a sort of accent piece on select parts of the home.

For example, many homeowners choose to place a stone veneer around the front door or above/below windows, as this can add a touch of class and elegance that can be lacking in some cases. In other situations, homeowners may choose to use a stone veneer all around the home or as part of a more comprehensive renovation project -- either way, the goal is typically to create a more cohesive and visually appealing look for the property as a whole.

Now, one important tip here: You don't want to break the "rule of three" in most cases. This rule states that you shouldn't have more than three primary colors comprising your home's exterior design, as doing so can be overwhelming and cluttered. With this in mind, it's usually best to stick to a single stone veneer color or a very limited palette when using them in conjunction with existing siding -- unless your home is especially large, in which case you might be able to utilize more than three specific hues or color themes.

Stone Veneers and Columns

Another classy and stylish way to utilize natural stone veneers for better curb appeal is to pair them with columns. This look has been popular for many years now and can be seen on everything from homes to businesses and other structures.

There are a few key benefits of using this approach. First, columns create an instant sense of elegance and sophistication, and when paired with a natural stone veneer they can really make a statement. Second, columns are often seen as a sign of strength and permanence, both of which can be appealing to homebuyers or others who are considering your property.

Finally, columns are a great way to break up large expanses of walls or other exterior designs. If your home has a large, unbroken facade, placing a few columns here and there can help to add visual interest and make the property more appealing.

As with the previous section, it's important to be aware of color palettes and design themes when using stone veneers in conjunction with columns. You don't want to go too crazy with colors or patterns, as this can easily look gaudy or overdone. A few select columns in a complementary color, paired with a tasteful natural stone veneer, is often all you need to make a big impact.

Stone Veneer Entryways

One area of any home that's absolutely key for curb appeal is the entryway, which often provides the first visual impression of the property as a whole. A well-designed and eye-catching entryway can really make a statement, and adding a natural stone veneer is one great way to achieve this.

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating an entryway using natural stone veneers. First, be sure to choose a style that fits the rest of your home's exterior design. While you don't want to be boring, matching your natural stone veneers with existing siding is usually a good idea -- this will help to create a more cohesive look.

Second, pay attention to color and material finishes. Different kinds of stone have different kinds of surface looks, so be sure to select a veneer that will complement the style of your home. You may also want to consider using different colors of stone veneers to create visual interest, but again be mindful of the "rule of three" when doing so.

Last but not least, take care with the layout and design of your entryway. You want it to be welcoming and attractive, without being too busy or cluttered. Simple is often best in this case, so focus on clean lines and well-placed accents.

For more on how to improve your property's curb appeal through natural stone veneers, or to learn about any of our stone veneer products or services in Park City and nearby areas, speak to the pros at Harristone today.



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