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Gorgeous Ideas for a Stone or Brick Accent Wall

Exposed brick walls can have romantic connotations of living in a big-city apartment with exposed brick on one side. However, both brick and stone carry their own natural beauty. Indeed, the materials are popular for a large range of outdoor applications from fire pits to retaining walls. You can bring that beauty inside, too.

Generally speaking, unless the material was used in initial construction, contractors don’t go back and retroactively stack a stone or brick wall. Instead, they apply masonry to the surface of the existing wall and press thin slices of the stone or brick into the masonry. Reap the beauty of stone and brick with a new accent wall veneer.

Big City Brick

Let’s start with the first image — the exposed brick wall in a big-city apartment. Even though you find these walls in older apartments buildings, they often look ultra-modern and even industrial. That vibe would be ideal for your new accent wall.

Since such walls are usually an exterior wall, consider choosing one with a window. Look for a brick veneer that looks aged. The contractors should apply the veneer over the entire wall with seamless transitions to simulate the look of exposed brick. Consider keeping the industrial theme for around the wall, say with a simple metal curtain rod or stark lighting fixture.

Contemporary Stone Wall

Contemporary is similar to modern style, but you see a little more coziness in the former. So, if you’re not ready for a stark industrial wall, consider a warm stone wall. In this case, look for stones in a warm color palette and pleasing variegations of hues. You’ll probably use your accent wall as palette inspiration for the rest of the room.

If you want a truly contemporary vibe, choose rectangular stones that somewhat simulate the look of bricks. You can further emphasize the shape with sturdy wall shelves. Conversely, consider naturalistic stones and a more organic placement of décor objects in front of it. For instance, you could have the surface dotted with small lights and discreet shelves.

Background Stone Wall

One of the beautiful aspects of stone is how well it complements other materials. Stone is a hard material, so designers often like to create a contrast with a softer or sleeker material.

So, for this style of accent wall, you’ll want stones that look more rustic. You might even choose a stacked stone presentation, which doesn’t feature any masonry between the stones. For coloration, you want a relatively neutral palette that will complement whatever you plan to use in contrast.

Indeed, you’ll need to know what you want to contrast with your wall. For instance, you might envision a sleek flat screen television mounted to the wall or a planter with lush leaves. So, if you opt for the flat screen TV, consider a light wall that will make the black screen pop. For the planter, look into red-hued stones that contrast with the color of the leaves.

Cozy Brick Wall in the Kitchen

Brick isn’t just an industrial material. In fact, brick can even feature homey vibes. Imagine a kitchen in an old farmhouse with an exposed brick wall. Indeed, brick veneer can look attractive in a cottage, ranch, or transitional kitchen. What’s more, a brick veneer has an advantage over an actual brick wall because it won’t be as susceptible to the moisture and smells.

The key with this accent wall is choosing the location. Some designers like to use brick as a backsplash for a range top and hood. You also see them in less hard-working areas, such as above a countertop. You can also achieve a charming effect with thick, white grouting between red bricks, which gives the impression of the inside of a gingerbread house.

Make a statement inside your home with a new brick or stone accent wall. Let Harristone create your new statement wall.



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