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Why Stone Veneer Works Great for Outdoor Seating Areas

Outdoor seating areas often utilize walls to create a comfortable and private spot for you and your family to enjoy. And anyone interested in this type of seating area should consider stone veneer walls. This excellent material provides many benefits that make it a strong choice for a large number of homes.

All-Natural Appearance

Stone veneer walls produce an authentic and natural style that looks great outdoors. A good seating area with stone walls will appear antique — in a good way — and create a unique facade that you can’t get with other materials. And stone veneer walls pair well with different types of materials, including wood, to create a beautiful seating area that the whole family will love.

For example, you could pair your stone veneer walls with wooden outdoor furniture to create a very comfortable and attractive seating area. You could also decorate them with artificial vines for an even more humble and outdoorsy look, one that makes your home feel more lived in and comfortable.

Durable Design

Stone veneer walls utilize a durable design that withstands harsh weathering elements better than most types of outdoor building materials. That extra durability makes stone veneer more resistant to breaking and chipping as well, which keeps the surface looking strong. And stone veneer walls naturally resist fire, which adds an extra element of safety and protection to an outdoor seating area.

Therefore, you could safely grill near these walls without risking severe damage. Some individuals may even add a fireplace in their seating area, which would create a little extra warmth when sitting outside during the winter.

Simple Maintenance

Stone veneer walls don’t require specialized cleaning or maintenance techniques. Just wipe down their surface with a general-purpose cleaner to break apart stains, mold, mildew, and other growths. Pay particular attention to the curved areas, as bacteria and other nasty elements may hide in these spots.

Curved Surface Compliant

Unlike many types of building materials — including natural stone — veneers can install over curved surfaces with ease. As a result, you can create many different wall shapes for an outdoor seating area, including a curved background for an outdoor theater screen.

Versatile Design Options

Stone veneer provides many diverse design options to create a style that works for your home. A few variables to consider include:

  • Stone size

  • Stone color

  • Panel size

  • Stain options

  • Extra protective measures

Make sure to choose veneers that meet the exterior design of your home. For example, smaller rocks may go well near houses with stone exterior walls. And make sure to match the color of the stones to the siding color of your home.

Installation Ease

Those who want to enjoy their outdoor eating area as soon as possible should use stone veneer walls. Their ease of use makes them one of the quickest types of walls to install. As a result, you can not only get a seating area more quickly but save yourself time and money on labor costs.

This speed is achieved by the use of interlocking stone panels with corner elements that snap together. These panels are designed to be simple enough for homeowners to install on their own, but most people should hire professionals to ensure that the installation goes smoothly and is in accordance with building standards.

If you’re interested in an outdoor seating area and want high-quality stone veneer walls, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Harristone right away to learn more. Our experts will help you understand your many stone options and work hard to ensure you get the stone veneer walls that you want for your seating area.



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