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Decorating a Home With Interior Stone

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

You may love the look of natural stone walls, but when you begin to decorate your space, you may not be sure how to work with them. Alternatively, maybe you're ready to change up the appearance of your home and want to add some stone in but don't know if your current décor will allow for it. Use a few of these ideas to make your interior stone a thing of beauty, not a challenge.


Stone walls give a lot of texture to the room, which can bring a cozy, rustic feel into the area. If you want to keep that feeling, choose furniture and accents that continue the comforting aesthetic, like comfy couches with a fluffy blanket thrown over one side. If you're putting up the stone yourself, use it to accent one wall or on a fixture, like a fireplace or a kitchen bar, so that the texture doesn't overwhelm the room.

If you'd like to use a more contemporary decorating style, you merely need to surround the stone with other textures that give the rest of the room a sleek, modern finish. Make the other walls smooth, and put up pieces with complementary materials, like wooden picture frames or metallic wall art. You can even look for accentuating touches that share the texture and color of the stone wall.


Colors are crucial for bringing a room, and the whole home, together. Whatever color you choose for your stone, look for decorations that carry the same color schemes or complementary shades. Light neutrals can offset a colorful stone like granite or onyx. Alternatively, bright and distinctive colors can look more elegant against black and white marble or more rustic with wood-colored travertine.

If you'd prefer to bring an existing stone wall into your established color scheme, you can easily paint the surface to match what you have in mind. Natural and artificial stones require different treatments before you paint them, so make sure the walls are ready before you begin. Wash the grime off with vinegar, and spray the surface with water before priming and painting the stone.

Furniture and fixtures can also go a long way toward setting off the stone with the right colors. Again, use neutrals to set off a beautiful color from the stone or bright colors to contrast with neutral rocks. Painting furniture like hutches or cabinets in a similar tone to the accent wall will help carry the color of the stones around the room even if the texture is different.


You can offset your stone walls well with a variety of different materials. As the texture section above indicated, you can combine your stone surfaces with wood, metal, glass, or other substances to convey the atmosphere you'd like to encourage. Consider what style you tend to decorate in, and choose the materials that represent that style best when placed in the same room as the stone.

For a classy style, look for gold, silver, and bronze fixtures with elegant metalworking and decorative touches to feature against the stone walls. Rustic stylists may instead opt for natural wood and cast iron to further the homestead atmosphere. A contemporary decorator might look for glass tabletops or other unique pieces to integrate into the room.

If you'd like to implement any of these ideas in your home but you're looking for a less expensive route than tearing out and replacing walls, consider stone veneers for your intended surfaces. Get in touch with Harristone today — a company that produces stone veneer pieces constructed with artistry and authenticity, as well as strength and durability to match.

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