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Add Value and Curb Appeal to Your Home With Stone Veneers

Looking to add value and style to your home? Be inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds you and easily install stone veneers to the exterior of your house.

Harristone is a family-owned and operated business based out of Ogden, Utah providing top-of-the-line stone veneers that continue to live up to a nationwide reputation of surpassing excellence and quality.


Transform ordinary homes into gorgeous homes by adding engineered stone siding and see a return on your investment. One of the best options when looking to increase the value of your home is to add stone veneers to the exterior of the house. According to Remodeling Magazine, the 2021 national average cost recoup of adding manufactured stone veneer is 92.1%. That’s astounding!

Here is the cost recoup of some other projects mentioned in Remodeling Magazine’s most recent Cost vs. Value report:

● Vinyl Siding Replacement- 68.6%

● Wood Deck Replacement- 65.8%

● Midrange, Major Kitchen Remodel- 57.4%

Adding stone veneer to the exterior of a house is one of the top two most effective ways to see a substantial return on investment.

In today’s market, home values are soaring! Whether you are looking to sell or to stay in your house, there are many benefits to giving the outside of your home a look of sophistication and style.

Options Designed for You

One of the greatest investments you have made is purchasing your home so let it be a place to showcase and celebrate your unique style.

Harristone offers a wide selection of stone veneers. Whether you’re looking to add a more classic look or if you have a more modern approach, Harristone has a stunning selection suited for your taste.

Our website is designed to help you pick the stone perfect for your project! Add “Rustic Elegance” with our Fieldstone Collection. Looking to add warmth, reminiscent of a log cabin? The Chief Joseph Collection is perfect for you. Perhaps you want your home to represent strength, to be “a symbol of strength”, then the Granite Collection is a great option for you. All of our available stone veneers can be viewed here.

Our staff is able to assist you with choosing the right stone to compliment the architecture and design of your home. Consider ordering a sample of the stones that catch your eye before making your final decision.


Good news! Installation is easy!

Adding value to your home doesn’t have to be complicated. This is a project that you are capable of doing by following some simple instructions. No contractor is required unless of course, you choose so. Our stone veneers are lightweight and come in sections that can be effortlessly handled during install. Once you have decided on the right stone veneers for your home’s exterior you are ready to begin installing!

An important point to remember when installing your veneers is to be thorough, as you don’t want to allow any chances for moisture to get through. Use the proper products and techniques that we can provide for you. Also, also adhere to all building codes. Our excellent staff is here to answer any questions you may have.

You can find our easy-to-follow directions here.


Some more good news! Maintenance is even easier!

One of the biggest advantages of choosing to install our stone veneers is their low-maintenance nature. Our stone veneers require little to no maintenance. They are incredibly durable and you will have peace of mind knowing that Harristone manufactured stone products come with a 50-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Let’s Get Started!

By choosing to use manufactured stone veneers as exterior siding you achieve the look of natural stone at a fraction of the cost. Real stone can get expensive very quickly. Also, the installation process of stone veneers is more manageable.

With our manufactured stone veneers, the integrity of the exterior of the home isn’t compromised. The veneers are lightweight and easy to install. Stone is very attractive and gives houses a refined style. Installing stone veneers not only looks good, it adds value.

If you are near Ogden, Utah you can visit our showroom! We also have dealers across the country that can work with you to find the best stone veneer for your home project. We can help you locate a distributor close to you- from Salt Lake City to Portland, to Anchorage!

Contact us and our staff will be happy to assist you.

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