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4 Ways to Infuse Stone Veneer Into the Bedroom

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Stone Veneer adds a timeless and elegant look to both the exterior and interior of the home without the need to use real stone resources. The use of the veneer may be added to many rooms of the home, including the master bedroom.

Upgrade the look and style of the master bedroom in your home with these various ways to install stone veneer. Browse through four different ideas to see how the stone designs could work in your bedroom and add a new whole new refreshing look to your home.

1. Bedroom Fireplace

Stone veneer is often used on fireplaces within the home. Along with a standard fireplace and chimney in the home, the bedroom fireplace could also benefit from the installation of a stone veneer.

If you already have a stone design on another fireplace in your home, then you may select a matching design for the fireplace in your bedroom. The matching design will add a similar aesthetic and feel to the rest of the home.

If the bedroom is the only fireplace location, then you can select the stone veneer to match your bedroom style and decor. The addition of the stone around the fireplace adds a nice touch of elegance to the room and will truly make the space feel like a master bedroom.

2. Bedroom Balcony

A balcony is a great feature on any master bedroom and the balcony you have may be highlighted with a stone veneer installation. Stone designs are commonly used on the exterior of homes as siding replacement and would fit into the balcony nicely. You may have the stone veneers installed on the wall of the home or on the balcony edges.

The natural stone adds a relaxing look and feel to the home and adds some elegance you may enjoy every time you step out onto the balcony.

3. Master Bathroom

If your master bedroom includes a master bathroom attached to it, you have the ability to expand the stone designs in the bathroom. For example, if you have a large tub in the bathroom, stone veneers may be used to surround the large tub and add a more natural look to the design.

The stone features may also be used for the walls of a walk-in shower. The stone elements flow nicely with many shower designs. For example, you may have a showerhead installed directly overhead and supplies a nice flow of water like rain. The natural stone elements will only add to the comfort and natural feel the shower brings.

When other stone veneers are installed in the bedroom, the expansion into the master bathroom adds to the flow and design of the room to create a seamless feel as you use the bedroom on a daily basis.

4. Bedroom Pillars & Columns

Some master bedrooms may have large pillars or columns installed in the room. The pillars could serve as true support structures to the room or are mainly used for decorative designs. The bedroom pillars also have the ability to be completely covered in stone veneers to create a natural flow and design.

Floor to ceiling stone designs feature a great look when you enter the bedroom and will help match a lot of different decor including wall colors, carpets, and other bedroom decors. Choose from a variety of designs and natural stone colors to truly fit the look and design of your master bedroom.

Like other installations, the stonework done to the pillars will help match and compliment all the designs placed within the rooms.

For more information on our manufactured stone designs, contact us at Harristone. We have a variety of options and will help you select the best product to match your home.

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