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4 Home Exterior Themes That Use Stone

When your home feels like it lacks the all-important quality of curb appeal, you might be tempted to overhaul the landscaping. However, you can achieve a more dramatic update by changing the home itself, instead of just its surroundings.

To make the most impact with your upgrades, do more than add a fresh coat of paint. A house’s exterior also needs new elements, like shutters, and new textures, like stone veneer, to look brightened up.

Give your home a lively update with one of the themes below, all of which look great with Harristone veneer.

1. New England Elegance

The color palate for this theme revolves around neutral and pseudo-neutral colors. Beige, gray, black, tan, and white all feature prominently. Dark red, light yellow, light and dark blues, and natural greens provide the accents.

Many homes in this style use several types of siding. The panels can run vertically as well as horizontally, and some panels may even have a brick pattern. To add more texture, use stone veneer to highlight one element of the home, like the space between the ground and the bottom of a wraparound porch or a turreted tower.

2. Southwest Chic

This style of home draws inspiration from the many varieties of sand found in the desert. Warm tones dominate, ranging from rust-colored red to sunshine yellow to burnt orange.

Since rocks are a major part of the desert landscape, stone elements look right at home in this theme. Use them to frame the garage or create architectural details in the landscaping, such as a dividing wall, columns, or a mailbox enclosure.

For a more dramatic effect, create an entire panel of stones that runs from the roof to the ground. Surround this panel with stucco in a complementary color. The rocks will pop and catch the eye first, with the rest of the house framing the panel nicely.

3. Suburban Sophistication

Homes in the thousands of US suburbs vary a lot in color. Your only real limitation may be your HOA’s rules. If you want to go bold, pick a red, blue, or green hue. If you prefer a neutral look, stick with brown, yellow, or gray.

No matter what color scheme you choose, you need at least three colors: a primary or main color, an accent color, and a trim color. That said, you don’t have to keep those colors in their respective slots. For instance, you can use the trim color somewhere other than the trim. Your primary color should just be used for the majority of the exterior, with the other colors serving as highlights and lowlights.

One place to put stone in this style of home is wherever you currently have brick. Chimneys and accents look superb covered in your choice of stone veneer. If your home’s exterior is mainly brick, use stone veneer in a contrasting color to create architectural lines of interest.

4. Rocky Mountain Retreat

Natural mountain landscapes are rich in rocks and stone. Waterfalls pass over sheer rock faces, and streams slowly create smooth pebbles and stones. To mimic this look on your home’s exterior, you also need to use plenty of rock.

Start with a color palate inspired by a fall hike or a winter day after a fresh snowfall. Your warm tones should all be found on leaves, and your cool tones should be derived from the lingering greens in the forest and the surrounding black and gray rocks.

With your colors chosen, you should next pick the stone veneer you will use and decide where you will use it. Then choose other textures to use with it. Textured siding, wood panels, and metal trim all pair well with stone veneer. For example, stone veneer creates a great frame for wooden garage doors and adds drama when used in every nook and cranny of an entryway.

Inspired yet? Start browsing Harristone to find the perfect stone veneer to make your home’s exterior stand out.



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