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3 Basement Design Themes Ideal for Stone Veneer Installations

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

A finished basement offers a lot of expanded uses for your home, including a location to play around with different theme ideas and designs. The installation of stone veneers on the walls can completely transform the basement space and give you the chance to go all-in with the theme design.

Follow this guide to learn more about the themes and ways to incorporate stone veneers into the designs.

1. Wine Cellar

Stone veneers can completely transform a basement to look like a classic wine cellar commonly found in European homes decades ago. The cool air of a cellar provided an ideal location to store wine and the stone veneers will give a classic look to go with a lot of the wine bottles you own.

The stone veneer style should have a natural array to the design, with stones of different shapes and sizes. As you plan out the design, you can implement a number of unique ways to use the veneer. For example, you can arrange to have built-in shelves installed directly into the wall. The shelves will give the appearance of storing wine directly inside the stone walls.

A stone veneer company can also help craft a bar set-up ideal for tasting and serving wine to guests. The stone veneer design on the bar would look like a natural extension of the wall and include the stone finish on both sides of the bar.

You could top the bar with a traditional counter material, or use stone products like hearthstones or wall caps. Each piece creates a smooth and flat surface ideal for serving wine. If a little bit of the drink spills, the mess is easy to clean up.

2. Castle-Themed Playroom

In many family homes, a finished basement becomes an ideal play area for children and you can take the playroom to the next level with a castle theme. Stone veneer designs include patterns that replicate the look of old medieval castles. For example, you could have walls crafted with limestone or ridge stone to create unique patterns and castle elements.

The stone veneer accessories will help elevate a castle theme to the next level. For any basement windows or door openings, you can add trimmers to the area. The trimmers arrange in a pattern and could have a keystone added to the center to create a symmetrical look.

A light surround gives openings for light installations. You can hang antique-styled lights around the basement area to give the space a castle feel. You can install flame effect LED lights into the light installations to create the look of a castle that did not have electric capabilities. All of the elements can combine with children's castle toys, including play tents and action figures.

3. The Man Cave

One of the more common uses for a finished basement is a man cave. For a more literal interpretation of the word, you can use stone veneers to make the area feel like an actual cave. A modern-day cave with all of the elements to relax and hang out.

With the stone veneer installation, you can easily create mounts to place a television directly on the wall without the need to add in an entertainment center. Similar to the wine cellar, you could have built-in shelves ideal for holding video game consoles, Blu-Ray cases, and other items used inside the area.

A dark-colored stone will help reduce glare and draw visuals directly to the television screen within the area. You may also choose to have stone sills or hearthstones installed to placed decorations and items around the man cave. For example, you may have a memorabilia collection from your favorite sports team you can display on the stone shelves and sills.

Let us help you plan your themed basement with our services at Harristone. We have dozens of stone designs to choose from and can work with many basement designs to help make your plan come to life.



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