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The Leading Manufactured Stone in Oregon

Faux and Natural Stone in Portland, OR


If you want to make your home or business really stand out, stone veneer siding is the answer. Harristone manufactured stone siding makes Portland buildings more beautiful. Plus, manufactured stone veneers are less expensive and easier to install than natural stone. Stone veneers are a style choice that adds curb appeal and value to your Portland property.


Nobody knows natural stone or faux stone veneer like Harristone. We’ve been involved in the production and sale of manufactured stone for almost 50 years and been responsible for beautifying hundreds of homes throughout Portland, Oregon, and the rest of the United States. The reason for our success is simple – our product is exceptional. Harristone offers the look of natural stone, but without the prohibitive costs and installation difficulties.

Our faux stone paneling is made and tested to withstand all kinds of weather. Whether it’s Oregon’s drizzling rain or summer sun. Harristone’s product can be installed any time of year. Its ease of installation also makes it ideal for both commercial and residential projects; and for professionals or intrepid do-it-yourselfers.

Best of all, Harristone gives you options. We’ve scoured the United States to find the most beautiful and unique kinds of stone, which allows you to pick the perfect look for your Portland home. Browse our wide selection of stone veneers and accessories.

Before you start redesigning your home find a dealer near Portland. They’ll be able to answer any questions you have about installation and help you find the right stone veneer for your home. Don’t wait. Adding a stone-look to your house has never been easier with Harristone faux stone!




What Is Manufactured Stone Veneer?

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At Harristone, we source natural stone from quarries all over the U.S. We bring this natural stone back to our shop to replicate it through our manufacturing process. This entails building molds of the natural stone.

With considerations for texture and color, we create an aggregate to pour into the molds based on the type of stone we are mimicking. The results are almost indistinguishable from the actual stone, whether it’s fieldstone, river stone or limestone veneer.

Stone Veneers for Portland Homes

Adding manufactured stone siding makes such a difference in the look of your home. Our experts can go over varying options with you, including showing you how you can add stone siding to the bottom portion of your façade, the entire front or just certain sections such as the entrance area or porch.

But stone veneers aren’t just for the outside of your Portland home — they add visual interest to the inside as well. You can use stone veneers on a chimney or the fireplace. Use them as a backsplash in the kitchen, or create an entire accent wall out of stone veneers. It’s perfect in basements, entryways, living rooms and bedrooms.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about whether your home’s structure can bear the weight of stone — manufactured stone veneers weigh a fraction of what natural stone weighs, so you can install them anywhere.

Stone Veneers for Portland Homes

The appearance of commercial buildings can be quickly and easily transformed with stone veneers. Many commercial buildings are built as cheaply as possible, and that means using concrete for the exterior. That’s fine for big box warehouses and bargain-basement retailers, but if you run a boutique, specialty store or you own an office building, you may want it to look a little more stylish and refined to attract the kind of customers or tenants you want. That’s the time to look into getting stone veneer siding for your Portland business.

Whether you choose to cover the entire front or just a portion, you’ll see how much better your building looks with manufactured stone siding.

Stone veneers are an excellent style choice inside commercial buildings as well. They’re perfect in foyers and entrances, and in shops, offices, restaurants, clinics and more. They’re lightweight, inexpensive and quick and easy to install.

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Harristone Stone Siding in Portland

Here at Harristone, we started our family-owned and operated manufactured stone veneer business more than 50 years ago, and since then, we have served thousands of happy customers.

For the best in manufactured stone veneer siding in Portland, depend on Harristone.

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