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The Leading Manufactured Stone in Idaho

Beautify your Home with Precast Stone Veneer in Payette, ID

Stone creates a formal, classical, and rustic appearance on your home’s exterior. When installed correctly, stone adds strength and permanence, protecting your home from heat, ice, and insect damage.

But stone quarried elsewhere and brought to Payette, ID can cost a great deal. The weight makes transportation difficult, and the material itself requires specialized equipment to cut and install.

If you want to enjoy the look of natural stone without breaking the bank, talk to the team at Harristone. We offer precast and faux stone products that mimic the look of real stone while saving you money in transportation, materials, and labor.

Browse Our Wide Selection

At Harristone, we recognize that your home has a unique design and aesthetic. So to suit your style and your budget, we offer plenty of materials that will look great inside and outside your home.

Some of our most popular materials include:

  • Divino Ledge

  • Fieldstone

  • Granite

  • Ledgestone

  • Limestone

  • Dry Stone

  • Ridgestone

To see a full list of stone, mortar, and accessory options available in Payette, ID, click on the tabs above.

Find Harristone Near You

Do you see a stone veneer that would look great in or on your home? Find a dealer near you so you can purchase the Harristone product of your choice. You can also call 801.621.1380 to talk to one of our representatives.


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