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The Leading Manufactured Stone in Montana

Natural Stone in Missoula, MT

How can you distinguish your Montana home or business from all the others? With manufactured stone siding! Fabricated stone veneers are a lightweight, more economical alternative to natural stone. Harristone manufactures authentic-looking stone veneers for clients throughout the Missoula, Montana, area and beyond.

What Is Fabricated Stone Siding?

Natural stone is beautiful, but it’s also expensive, heavy and hard to work with. Manufactured stone veneer siding is the perfect substitute.

At Harristone, we source natural stone from quarries across the U.S. Our team looks for the highest-quality stones that our customers demand most often. Then we bring them back to our shop to create molds for our manufactured stones. We use varying combinations of aggregate, binders and coloring agents to mimic the look of natural stone.

The result is extremely realistic — this is not your grandmother’s manufactured stone. In fact, it’s nearly indistinguishable from natural stone. And because we are able to make as much of the stone as we want right here in our shop, the price for our stone veneers is much lower than the cost of quarrying, transporting and installing natural stone.




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Stone Veneer Siding for Missoula Homes

Although Missoula is a bona fide city, homes here have a rugged, outdoorsy feel to them. This style can only be improved and intensified by adding stone siding. Add it to the entire front of your home, just the bottom half or select sections. You can choose from a wide variety of manufactured stone, including granite, fieldstone, river rock and limestone veneer.

Some of our products come affixed to panels and are pre-grouted, or you can buy loose stone to make your project more personalized.

As beautiful as stone veneer siding is, incorporating stone into your interior also makes for an amazing upgrade. Use stone veneer indoors to cover a chimney, fireplace, backsplash or as an accent wall. Stone veneer accent walls deliver the kind of visual interest you can’t get with paint or wallpaper.

Stone Siding for Missoula Commercial Businesses

Many commercial buildings are understandably built with more of an eye for budget than style. This often means concrete block exteriors. Use stone siding to make your Missoula commercial building stand out.

If you own an office building, you will be able to attract tenants who can pay higher rent if you have a more attractive building. Finish some of your interior walls with stone veneers as well, such as the lobby, foyer, common rooms and even offices.

Entrepreneurs and developers can do the same with retail shops and restaurants. Stone veneers are chic and stylish, no matter where you install them.

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Harristone Stone Veneers in Missoula

Harristone, a family-owned and operated business for more than 50 years, has a long list of satisfied customers. We started in Ogden, Utah, and now offer our manufactured stone veneers throughout the Pacific Northwest. We’re famous for our experience, expertise and customer service.

To learn more about stone siding and stone veneers for your Missoula home or commercial building, contact our team today.

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