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The Leading Manufactured Stone in Idaho

Stone Products In Meridian, ID

Meridian, ID is surrounded by the beauty of nature. Between the Boise River and the Snake River, Squaw Butte and Shafter Butte, and the gorgeous Owyhee Mountains, you can’t live in Meridian without appreciating your environment. Here at Harristone, we value your appreciation of nature—and we value it, too.

That’s why we love the rugged magnificence of pre-cast stone, faux stone veneer, fireplaces, and manufactured stone products. You can give your home the spectacular look of natural stone without having to worry about the expensive price tag and hefty labor involved with quarried stone.

Harristone’s founder Grant Harris got his inspiration from the diverse, stunning landscapes of the West. With Harristone faux stone veneer in your Meridian, ID home or business, you can reflect the beauty you see every day in your town. Not only do our precast stone veneers and fireplaces look authentic, but they’re also durable, easy to install, and sturdily made to withstand all four seasons.

For over five decades, Harristone has worked with Idaho business owners and homeowners, provided friendly and helpful customer service, and offered precast stone options for exteriors and interiors. Whether you’re interested in Harristone faux stone veneer and fireplaces for a commercial building or your very own home, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Every precast stone option we offer has been created from a custom mold of hand-selected stones chosen from all around the country. Once we’ve selected a stone and created a mold, the manufactured stone is then refined to suit your exact needs. This process ensures that our products are both beautiful, authentic, and cost-effective.

Why wait? You’ll love the warmth and natural feel Harristone precast stone will provide your Meridian, ID home or business. Contact Harristone for a distributor location in Meridian, Idaho today.


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