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The Leading Manufactured Stone in Idaho

Natural Stone in Idaho

Adding Harristone to your home or business is a great way to update your style. Whether you want to add stone to your walls — exterior or interior — or create a gorgeous focal point like a stone fireplace, Harristone can provide you with a stone supply that is sure to impress you and your guests. We offer our services to customers in the Boise, ID, area and throughout the state.

Hand-Selected Stones

Our stones at Harristone are modeled after real stones found in a variety of landscapes, from riverbeds and rolling hills to deserts. Each stone is hand-selected based on its exceptional shape, size, and appeal.

We also offer a wide range of stones, including classic and designer stones. No matter the style, shape, or color you want, we can provide you with stones that create a visually stunning feature.

User-Friendly Installation

After we cast each stone, our experienced masons will smooth and refine each pattern to create a piece that easy to install for any skill level, from a professional mason to someone doing their first stone project.

If you want to transform your Idaho home or business to create a more natural, classic appearance, choose our precast stones. Our stones will give you the look you want without the negative elements inherent in real stone, like the expensive price tag and excessive weight. For both Harristone and Merrillstone brands, contact us today at 801.621.1380 to get started.


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