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The Leading Manufactured Stone in Colorado

Natural Stone in Grand Junction, CO

If you prefer a rugged, natural appearance for your home, building, or property, precast stone products from Harristone can help you achieve the look you want. Using stone that we find in nature as our inspiration, we make faux stone products that are more lightweight, durable, and affordable than natural stone products would be.

From fireplaces to building facades, you can use our precast stone for a variety of projects in Grand Junction, CO. Browse our website to get an idea of your options.

Affordable Beauty

While our products may not be made of actual stone, they mimic the look and feel of natural stone products perfectly. They are easier to install than natural stone, which means that your project will be completed at a faster rate and a lower cost. You will also save money on maintenance costs, as each of our products is sturdy and long-lasting.

Get the most for your money with faux stone products from Harristone.

Unique Style

Whether you’re designing an office building or a retaining wall, every detail matters. That’s why we offer more than just stone products. We also offer mortar and architectural accessories — such as hose bibs and hearthstones — in a range of colors and designs. Mix and match shades and styles to achieve the perfect aesthetic for your space.

Reach out to our office today. Call 888.878.6631 or fill out our online form.


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