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The Leading Manufactured Stone in Alberta

Accent Your Home With Stone Veneer in Calgary, AB

In Calgary, Alberta, nature is all around you. With the Canadian Prairies, the Canadian Rockies foothills, the Bow River, and the Elbow River, you can experience the grandiosity of rock and water. Why not experience natural beauty inside your own home, too? With Harristone, you can.

Quarried stone is costly and labor-intensive. Don’t let that dissuade you from introducing the look of natural rock into your home or business. Harristone provides a wide variety of high-quality pre-cast stone and faux stone veneer products. Perfect for fireplaces, accent walls, building exteriors, and beyond, Harrisone manufactured stone is affordable, easy-to-install, and looks so authentic.

For more than 50 years, Harristone has collaborated with Calgary homeowners and business owners. Because of our dedication to superior customer service and superior faux stone products for interiors and exteriors, Harrisone’s loyal customers continue to work with us year after year.

Our founder, Grant Harris, was infatuated with the rugged, stunning rock formations of Calgary, Canada, and the American West. He knew others admired the beauty of natural rock, but were discouraged from adorning their homes or commercial businesses with it due to the price tag. He strove to create a solution. Harristone fosters the best of both worlds: gorgeous faux stone veneers and lower costs. In addition to affordability, Harristone manufactured stone is long-lasting and durable, intended to withstand any weather Calgary brings its way.

Now the only hard part is choosing which precast stone option to install in your home or business. Because every single one of our products has been modeled from a custom mold of hand-selected stones, they look just like the real thing—without the heavy, back-breaking installation process or the daunting price tag.

Browse Harristone’s selection of precast stone, faux stone veneers, manufactured stone fireplaces, and beyond today. Bring warmth and the natural world to your Calgary home or business today. Ready to buy? Contact us for a Calgary, AB distributor location today.


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