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Make a Firepit the Center of Your Outdoor Lounge

Homeowners often buy their houses specifically for the available yard. They want to be able to enjoy outdoor activities with the comfort of their home nearby. And, you probably don't want the fun to end when night falls or the weather turns cold. Instead, make a stone veneer firepit the centerpiece of an outdoor lounge area.


For the location of your firepit lounge, you must consider both safety and enjoyment. To that end, you need a large open space with no combustible materials nearby. Look into the view from your proposed lounge area, too.

The size and fuel type of the firepit will drive your decision making. Since you want to create a lounge effect around your firepit, you need enough space around the pit itself for relaxed seating. Said space should be available all around the pit.

Firepits are usually fueled by wood, natural gas, or propane. If you plan to have a propane firepit, your location options increase because the fuel is self-contained. A natural gas firepit requires access to the gas line. With a wood-burning pit, note how wind conditions affect your backyard so a sudden gust doesn't kick up sparks toward your house.

Stone Veneer for the Firepit

While you see firepits in different exterior materials, such as concrete and metal, stone creates the most adaptable ambience. Look into stone veneer for the exterior of your pit. Veneer stone is natural stone that's been cut thin. It's lighter and easier to work with than full stone. It also offers a more homogeneous appearance.

You have many choices for stone veneer. Your first choice relates to the type of stone. Almost any stone that you can use for a full stone firepit can be used for the veneer. Look at common stones in your area because they'll blend in well with the surrounding hardscaping.

The other big choice you'll make is in the laying pattern. Contractors often use geometric-cut stones in a regular laying pattern. This practice creates a uniform appearance that carries a formal ambience. You can have them use flat stones in a more scattered laying pattern for a relaxed appeal. They can even use river stone to create a rustic stacked appearance.


Once you have your firepit sorted out, direct your attention to the rest of the lounge. Your first order of business should be seating. Some homeowners organize portable chairs around the pit. If you want to create more of a lounge ambience, though, look into deep built-in seating that encourages you to lie back.

For the seating material, consider stone veneer here, too. You should use the same veneer stone as around your firepit. This approach will give your lounge a cohesive appearance. The other popular choice is hardwood. Choose weatherproof cushions to maximize the comfort of your seating.

Other Amenities

You could stop with the firepit and surrounding seating. However, if you want your lounge to be wow-worthy, consider some other amenities, too. For example, if you've chosen a wood-burning pit, consider a dedicated and attractive storage area for the wood. Look into cubbies finished with your chosen veneer stone for continuity.

Many homeowners look to make their firepit lounge private. The two classic methods are a pergola or privacy landscaping. Use the one that seems to fit best with the rest of your hardscaping. You could even use a combination of both.

Finally, if you want to make your firepit lounge feel like a party area, consider more lights. String lights are a popular method for creating a festive ambience. They won't take away from the flickering light your firepit produces.

Let a stone veneer firepit serve as the center of your outdoor lounge. Contact Harristone to peruse your veneer stone options.

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