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4 Ways to Add Depth & Texture to Exterior Stone Veneers

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Adding some depth to the exterior of your home can create a more dynamic look and really increase the curb appeal. Along with the installation of stone veneers to add texture to the siding, you can implement a number of accessories to really make the house stand out.

Follow our guide to learn about different ways to add the extra texture and really take the exterior of your home to the next level.

1. Trim

For any windows and doorways, you can add stone veneer trim around the area. While a typical section of stone veneer siding will have the stones set in a random pattern, the trim, sometimes referred to as trimmers, will surround areas with a set pattern using the same sized stones all the way around the area.

When you select stone trim, you have two main options. A smooth trim includes a flattened and smoothed out design. A chiseled trim features rough and more natural-looking pieces with a similar texture to the base siding.

You also have the option to add more depth to the trimmer installation with a keystone. A keystone is a V-shaped trimmer piece that helps add a symmetrical look to the overall design of the stone. The keystone is larger than the standard trim pieces and would typically go in the upper middle of a trim installation.

2. Electrical Stone Covers

Another way to add extra depth to the front of your home is with the installation of electrical stone covers, sometimes referred to as surrounds. Surrounds are pre-cut stone pieces installed over the stone veneer siding.

The covers often have holes in them ideal for electrical wiring connections. For example, near the front of your home, you may have a surround installed for the doorbell.

One of the more ideal ways to add depth and curb appeal is with surround installations made for light fixtures. For example, you can add light surrounds to each side of the front door. Not only would you have a nice symmetrical look, but you will have clear visuals of your front steps at night.

Smaller surrounds may also be used for various outdoor switches and outlet installations.

3. Sills

Add some extra depth to many parts of the home with stone veneer sill installations. The sills stick out to add more texture to the side of the home. The bottom of a window is one of the more common locations to install a sill, but you may find other areas, including between areas where the stone meets traditional siding.

For example, if you are installing stone veneer siding for the bottom portion of the house, placing sills between the stone and traditional siding will create a more natural flow and look in the area. The sills only hang out a few inches but will make a big difference in the curb appeal.

4. Wall Caps

If you have stone veneer walls for a front deck or walkway, then you can add an extra layer of depth and texture with a wall cap. The flat and smooth caps will help create a nice look on the walls and allow everything to blend together naturally.

You could choose a lighter or darker wall cap color to really make the caps pop and create a unique look. In some cases, the walls may extend down a driveway and you could install the wall caps all the way down to create a natural look that flows from the wall all the way up to your front door.

Consult with our experienced professionals at Harristone to plan out the design elements for your home. At the end of the day, we want you to have a home exterior you enjoy and are proud of.



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